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Modern technologies


Many years of experience


Who We Are?

We've been steadily growing since 2018, focusing on electrical installations and renewable energy. With our expertise in designing, installing, and managing systems, we provide our clients with complete and tailored solutions that meet their expectations.

Our engineers hold the necessary SEP "D" and "E" qualifications, demonstrating their professionalism and expertise.

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Our Points of Uniqueness

The Benefits of Working with Us

Comprehensive service

We take care of your order comprehensively

Comprehensive service

By collaborating with ARTAENERGY (artaenergy.pl), we are able to offer a complete range of services related to the delivery, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

Verified Manufacturers

Economy & quality

Verified Manufacturers

Our company's technical and hardware solutions are designed to meet the economic and quality needs of our customers.

Experienced staff

Qualifications and experience

Experienced staff

We combine experience, a wide range of services and the high qualifications of our staff to deliver comprehensive and properly executed solutions

Photovoltaics for businesses

Photovoltaics for home

Delivery and installation of heat pumps

Other electrical installations


Our competencies


Photovoltaics for businesses

We offer comprehensive implementation of ground-mounted photovoltaic installations and farms from 50kW to 1 MW including:

  • Foundation and structure assembly, along with PV module installation.
  • Construction of the complete DC, AC, MV electrical installation including foundation and commissioning of the MV transformer station.
  • The installation of fencing, CCTV system, and burglary alarm system.

Photovoltaic for home

For ground-mounted and rooftop microinstallations with a capacity of up to 50 kW, we offer:

  • Execution of electrical projects for installations with a capacity exceeding 6.5 kW, coordination with a fire protection expert, and submission to the Fire Brigade.
  • Preparation of documents and obtaining connection conditions for the installation to the OSD network.
  • Preparation of the application form for the micro-installation to be connected to the grid operator.
  • Comprehensive installation of microinstallations as well as other necessary equipment for the operation of the photovoltaic installation.

Energy Storage Solutions for Businesses and Homes

Since 2021, we have been offering comprehensive energy storage solutions based on safe batteries from SOLAX:

  • Energy storage operation both indoors and outdoors (in temperatures down to -30°C).
  • In the event of a lack of access to the power grid, it allows for energy independence.
  • The ability to remotely manage the operation of home appliances such as heat pumps and car chargers.

Installation of visual monitoring systems and CCTV

  • Design and comprehensive execution utilizing the full spectrum of devices available in the industry market, including NOVUS, BOSCH.
  • Implementation of fiber-optic computer networks including fusion splicing and final measurements. Installation of active and passive devices.

Electrical installations - up to 1kV

  • Planning
  • Implementation of internal installations
  • Exterior installations (electrical connections)
  • Assembly and installation of machinery and equipment
  • Assembly and operation of power generation equipment
  • Full-range electrical measurements

High-efficiency cogeneration

Based on the latest solutions from European manufacturers, we implement cogeneration devices utilizing woody biomass.

The parameters achievable for users include thermal energy production of 130 kW and associated electricity production of 50 kW.

Offer dedicated to housing associations, communities and manufacturing companies.


Installation of fire protection systems

  • Planning
  • Installation of SAP systems (Fire Alarm Systems) built on the basis of control panels of POLON, BOSCH, - with the use of various types of detectors: smoke, temperature, UV radiation.
  • Montaż systemów aktywnych takich jak system zraszaczy, tryskaczy
  • Montaż systemów oddymiania ciągów komunikacyjnych oraz klatek schodowych z centralami D+H

Delivery and installation of heat pumps

We are an official partner and authorized installer of top-quality heat pumps from renowned brands Heiko and Neoheat.


Our Projects


Installation of photovoltaic farms with a capacity of 500 kW in Hungary, located in the Balkany and Opalyi regions.
Execution of electrical and IT installations in a hospital in Grudziądz for newly installed X-ray equipment.
Installation of an IT network in the MOMP building in Skarżysko-Kamienna.


Improving the energy efficiency of the building - Warsaw, Chłodna Street.
Energization of a 9.5 kW photovoltaic installation with energy storage integration.
Comprehensive construction of a 0.98 MW photovoltaic farm (near Busko-Zdrój).


Energization of a 50 kW photovoltaic installation along with the modernization of the measurement field at the HV station (Skarżysko-Kamienna).
Installation of photovoltaic systems ranging from 3 to 6.5 kW in private residences.


Installation of photovoltaic farms with a capacity of 500 kW in Hungary, in the Balkany and Opalyi locations.

2021 - 2023

Construction of micro-installations in businesses and private homes with a total capacity of approximately 850 kW.
Designing a photovoltaic farm in the town of Górki.


Our Portfolio